Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Penang Island | Lorong Kulit | Rock Walk

Weather was not good the day I went to Rock Walk in Penang Island.

I started my journey from Butterworth bus station at the mainland and took ferry into the island. Ferry's fare is only RM1.20 for an adult and you only have to pay for entering the island.


The ferry trip took about 15 minutes and you can enjoy the view of the straits while on it.


 Once landed on the island, I tried asking taxi (red & white coloured) fare from jetty to Rock Walk and the driver asked for RM15. There is another cab which is metered but I just went to ask the bus fare.

Well… better off with the Rapid Penang bus at the station next to the jetty. The fare is just RM1.40. You can either get on bus no 201, 202, 203 or 204. I sat next to the driver and asked him to drop me once reached the area.


It was still drizzling when I reached the spot. It is actually situated at Lorong Kulit.

You won't see any signage mentioning the word "Rock Walk" but somehow that is the famous name for this area. It is open daily from 9am to 1pm on weekdays and starts around 7am on weekends.

There were only few sellers left. Maybe they've packed-up earlier due to rainy weather. I was lucky enough to meet some of these unique sellers. As I entered the fence area, I approached the first seller on the right. I stopped and snapped some pictures of the goods they sold.




Next, I stopped at another spot right in-front of the previous seller and then got to know the owner.

He called himself "Mamu Razak" and claimed that he had stayed in Indonesia for quite some time and also in Thailand for 20 years.


While chatting with him, a Chinese man approached and conversed in Chinese. Amazingly, he speaks the language fluently as if that's his mother's tongue language. He later talked with his son in Siamese as if they are real Siamese family.


He also has a regular customer who happens to be a seller at the Amcorp Mall, in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


I snapped some photo of his items but he said that he has something with price of more than RM40 thousand and kept it safe elsewhere.

One of it is the antique Rolex watch. He'll only bring it out on demand. He also publish his items through the Facebook Page called "Mamu at Lorong Kulit".

Then I moved on to another table nearby and walked around the area until some of these sellers started to pack their stuff to go home.




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  1. Its not 'Rock Walk' but Rope Walk. Used to be the main 'Thieves Market' but the venue changed to the carpark area of the City Studium. Lorong Kulit. :)